Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika” LLC leading Russian vendor and manufacturer of Collapsible pillow tanks for fuel and water and Field Fuel Storage which is the cost-effective Temporary Relocatable Bulk Fuel Storage System based on Collapsible Fuel Bladder Tanks for the needs of state demands, petroleum companies, construction firms, geological survey companies, mining ventures and other enterprises, which open up the remote objects of Russian North, Siberia and Far East, and also for the export.
    Primary benefits of Collapsible fuel bladder tanks:
  • Extraordinary lightness and compactness in spent state;
  • Delivery to the place of operation is performed by any means;
  • High rate of mantling and dismantling;
  • Availability of arrangement on unprepared surface, ground, snow, swamps, ravines and tranches and so on;
  • Collapsible fuel bladder tanks cover is produced from extra sound material, providing with the exceptional safety and durability under multiuse conditions;
  • High range of working temperatures -55С to +80С;
  • Nonsusceptibility to corrosion and environmental impact;
  • Exclusive ecological cleanness;
  • Land remediation necessity absence.
Collapsible fuel bladder tanks and industrial shells of Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika” LLC are manufactured according to trendsetting technologies from materials of American and European production.
Quality control of materials, technological process and acceptance of ready products are performed according to the requirements of GOST-R ISO 9000 standards.

Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika” LLC performs project assistance, supervising installation and designer supervision on the objects of product introduction, and also guarantee maintenance and after guarantee maintenance.

The whole production has acceptance certificate and is certificated according to current standards.

Collapsible fuel bladder tanks PER-N satisfy the requirements of tactical and technical characteristics for Collapsible fuel bladder tanks of defense purpose, and also the requirements of international military standards of NATO and US Military.
Oil tanks are authorized for oil and petroleum products storage and transportation by Russian Technical Supervisory Authority.

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Red team, research team and industrial collective of Scientific and Research Company “Politechnika” are highly proficient specialists, who have a working experience in leading Russian Research and Development Establishment in the manufacturing enterprises, and also in Russian and foreign commercial companies.

Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika” LLC has the following structural subdivisions:

^ Office and sales Department Moscow;
^ Economic Planning Department, Moscow region, Lyuberntsy;
^ General manufacturing, Tver region, Redkino village ;
^ Research development department and design research department, Moscow;
^ Advanced development division, Moscow;
^ Experimental production and mechanical sector, Moscow.

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